CG Principle

The Board of Directors always emphasizes and expect to raise the Company corporate governance to international level because it can increase efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and can lead to fair practice of all parties.

In 2014, the Board of Directors has developed numerous things about the Company corporate governance.

  1. Anti-Corruption (Detailed in Topic 3 – Anti-Corruption)
  2. Revised the Terms of Ethics and Code of Conduct for Directors and Employees (Revision 2/2557) to conduct in line with national and international standard be sufficient, up-to-date and conform to the Company’s code of conduct The newest version of the Terms of Ethics and Code of Conduct for Directors and Employees was approved by the Board of Directors meeting No.4/2014 on November 11th, 2014 and was published on the Company’s website.
  3. Be 1 in 9 listed companies that received “Very Good CG Scoring” from Corporate Governing Report of Listed Company in 2014.
  4. Received SET AWARDS from the Stock Exchange of Thailand “Top Corporate Governance Report Award 2014”
  5. Be 1 in 5 listed companies that was selected by MAI to join Corporate Sustainability Advisory Program 2014 in 2014 of Stock Exchange of Thailand
  6. Established the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee to be responsible for PPS corporate governance and social and environmental responsibility’s activities.

Besides the good corporate governance practices, there are 5 more sections that the Company has been performed.