Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO

Mr. Prasong Tharachai

Chairman of the Board of Directors

In the year 2016, the construction industry is slowing down due to global market slow down including China. Total revenue of the company has been affected from such slow down, however the company could still make profit even though it has not reach the goal.

In 2016, I am delighted to inform you that the Project Planning Service PLC (PPS) has received Thailand Sustainability Investment Award 2015 as part of the SET Awards 2014 program and also received Board of The Year Award 2015 for MAI group from the Thai Institute of Directors. Apart from these two awards, PPS has now been rated as a five star company for its good governance practice. All of these has been achieved through the cooperation of all of PPS staff under the governorship of the board of directors and the company management.

However, the board of directors shall maintain its course towards business practices in 2016 by adhering to the sustainable development together with good governance practices and good values which are in line with the business strategy of the company continuing on from 2015. The company strategy is being geared to the direction of Thailand infrastructure development, the AEC development and the company’s internal information technology development. The board of directors shall oversee the business practices of PPS both internally and internationally to ensure that they are fair and transparent so that they are sustainably moving forward which ultimately bring prosperity to the business, the society, the country and all of the stakeholders.

The declaration of intent of PPS to join the Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption in the year 2015 through the audit during the course of the year has now been accredited. PPS will receive the certificate from the Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption on 29 February 2016.

All of the past and future success has been ignited from the commitment internal to the company and moving outward toward society. The commitment of all of PPS personnel together with the supports of all stakeholders coupled with the well being of all staff has sprung out their families, stakeholders and society. We all realize the importance of business sustainability which needs to be developed continuously with the society and environment in the same fashion will ultimately brings prosperity to the country including the asean community which we are a part of.

As the representative of the board of directors, I would like to extend my gratitude to the shareholders, customers, management, staff including the media and all stakeholders who have been providing supports to PPS towards its continuing success. We are committed that we will move forward with favorable results through good governance to ensure sustainable development of the company and all of its stakeholders.