Message from the Board of Director

Dr. Phongthon Tharachai

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

2017 has truly been a year to be proud of for all the board of directors and PPS staffs as it is our 30th company anniversary. Therefore, this means it is the time to plan new step for the company.

As in 2017, the construction managing business part has still remained the main business of PPS. We also have the backlog project; Suvarnabhumi Airport Phase II Construction, which had been continuously building since 2016 invested by the government. We are expecting more projects launched by the government in the upcoming 2018. As for the private sector projects, it is continually increasing as well and it is expecting to see more investment from the private organizations in this 2018.

With regard to construction and system design, PPS Design Co., Ltd., the affiliated company, have gained significantly different net income from 2016 from the project Lessoo Mall by Chinese investors. This was the investment for only phrase I. We also cooperated with Swan and Maclaren, a joint venture of Swan and Maclaren Group Pte. Ltd., for architectural design. This means only the share of profit we are aware of.

However, the delay in new kinds of business investment including event management and application development made result not successful as expected. Hence, PPS Information Consultant or PIC faced financial loss in 2017. As such, we agreed to restructure PIC business strategies into a company that mainly focuses on production house. Nevertheless, what PIC have done have created inspiration and brand. Moreover, PPS monthly report of other organizations belonged to PPS helped making PPS GROUP ahead of others in competition.

PPS GROUP therefore has gained 396.03 million of net income which was 24.11% increased from 2016 (THB 319.10 millions). Similarly, our 2017 profit is THB 55.17 million, significantly increased 71.44% from THB 32.18 million in 2016.

For the past year, PPS has been planning to receive over 1 billion incomes from 2018 to 2022 and hoping to have a registered capital of about THB 300 million within 5 years. With this plan, PPS hopes to gain not more than THB 500 million per year from managing and construction business. In other words, the other THB 500 million must come from other kinds of business. As a result, this means PPS needs to develop other business related the main business, marketing advantage and skill in order to gain the expected income of THB 500 million per year. The company strongly needs to adapt in many ways along with the growth and competition in order to achieve the expected goal.

As a result, 2018 working plan focuses on three main points;

  1. The company aims to continually develop working system and eventually creates PPS Innovation in every part. This includes the development in application that is used for controlling construction work and PPS Project Live which has the ability to deliver documents in a very short time and store information as the company’s Knowledge Management. Continuously developing from 2017, PPS Project Live has currently improved to be mobile application for both IOS and Android. We are hoping that this in the future can promote PPS income as well. For working procedure developing, we try to focus more on the improving of pre-construction system and make sure that it will cover the process until the job has been submitted and used. Unlike the past works, the focus was only in the construction period. By doing so, there must be a developing in document control and working quality control for managing the increase, decrease and change of work. These two developing projects are expected to be done by the end of this year so that the company can make use of them as a chance of making money and for further business opportunity.
  2. The company is planning to improve working process to become more international. Due to huge changes in business competition including working procedure, client expectation and foreign competitor’s working process which is considered the important competitor of PPS since we are in the same market rank, PPS needs to improve the working process more international. By being international, this covers working process and communication. Thus, it is a need for the company to take care of in the following years.
  3. PPS has been mainly doing managing and controlling construction businesses, meaning only focusing on construction process and new project coming. However, since nowadays ways to conduct business and the services within the company have been changed. There are more various ways in conducting business, covered from project brainstorming, design, construction process, submission, building managing, building usage managing and energy managing. Also, there must be a communication delivered to both company employees and clients to make them understand about our new plan for further benefits in PPS Group business conducting.

In this near future, there are many opportunities to grow for PPS. When conducting business, we strongly hold on to reliability, trust, transparency, free-corruption and concern in environment, stakeholders and community. We can at least practice these by ourselves and also in the company, to make it better in every aspect. We believe that the best way of teaching is to show them and the sustainable creating is to create people who can expand and take care of the good we have been done. Due to the trust given to PPS, we should take good care of all our shareholders and make sure that they gain good return from the continually sustainable investment in every year.