Vision and Mission

Vision of Project Planning Service PLC

We strive to be the leader in consulting business
and related business in AEC via good governance with excellence standards
and ensuring sustainable business practice.


  • We differentiate our services by
    • Provide our services in processes
    • Develop our own information technology to maximize our potentials and open up new frontier with new technology
    • Develop our own internal database system and manage our knowledge subjectively
  • Develop our organization to ensure sustainable growth by
    • Human resource development
    • Internal processes
  • Revenue growth is targeted at least 10% from several business units to ensure sustainable revenue growth under controllable risks
  • Maintain profitability under professional ethics and ensure stakeholders’ benefit

PPS Values

  • PPS Never let up and working as a team
  • PPS Care for stakeholders’ benefit
  • PPS Knowledgeable, international standards practice, trustworthy with professional ethics
  • PPS Always coordinate and work with others proactively
  • PPS Trustworthy Project Manager


We will fully use information technology throughout our process and also increase our ability to work in process via ISO 9000 quality management system. We will fully develop our knowledge management system so our knowledge is fully maintained and researched. We will strive to be the leader of our industry.

We will use our human resource team to develop and expand our personnel to be able to work in more sectors i.e. industry, public sector and AEC markets.

We will clearly demonstrate our staff career path so our people could achieve their personal goals.