Company Information


PPS determines to be leader in innovation and services of engineering consulting business and fully integrated investment for real estate business, construction, and urban development.


  • We will deliver the high-quality services to create value satisfaction and maximum benefit above the customers' expectations.
  • We will develop the working process via innovation together with human resource continuously.
  • We will maintain the profit rate for shareholders by giving the customers successes regarding on the ethics and benefits for everyone.
  • We determinedly search for the investment channels and business opportunities.
  • We are accountable for the community, society, environment, nation, and shareholders.


  • P Professional
  • P Positive attitude
  • S Services mind
  • G Good Governance
  • R Responsibility/Reliability
  • O Ownership
  • U Unity
  • P Persistent


  • Create the advance competitive capabilities also increase revenue generation and profitability rates with the services generated by innovation.
  • Create clarity in marketing strategies and enhance the image of products and services (brands) as for creating brand awareness with new customers. Also, for creating awareness of skills, capabilities, and new service offering of the company group.
  • Create opportunities for business expansion by seeking partners who enable the company to expand the scope of consulting services in the areas of real estate business, construction, and urban development to be international and technological.
  • Create capability to be the funding source provider for investment.


  • To continually gain profits by means of investment and various businesses.
  • To be the internationally acknowledged Thai brand.

Remark : Approved by the Board of Director's Meeting No. 4/2018 held on November 12nd, 2018.